20 Photos that will Convince you to visit Japan in the Fall

Japan is one of my favorite places in the entire world! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting twice and both times have been in the Fall. I am convinced it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit in the Fall.

Fall Leaves at Nikka Whiskey

I can’t get over these leaves outside of Nikka Whiskey Distillery.

Imperial Palace Gardens

There are endless gorgeous gardens in Japan to visit in the Fall.

Imperial Palace Gardens2

I enjoyed the Imperial Palace Gardens, gorgeous colors everywhere!

Light up the night event Sendai

One of the coolest Fall events I went to was a light-up event in Akiu! I had never been to an event like this before!

near Sendai waterfall

This was at a shrine near Akiu Waterfall. It was so beautiful and peaceful!

Nezu Museum Garden

The gardens at the Nezu Museum were absolutely incredible!

Sendai hotel fall views

This was the view from my incredible hotel in Akiu that included onsens at the actual hotel and Japanese style rooms! It was one of the best experiences I had while in Japan!Sendai in Fall

Another one of my favorite activities was in Sendai, Japan. I rented bikes from Date Bike and rode around the city discovering temples and shrines and enjoying the Fall leaves!

Sendai in Fall2

These leaves are so unreal.

Sendai Waterfall

It started raining pretty hard while I was at Akiu waterfall and it was windy so water from the actual waterfall was hitting me too, but it was totally all worth it because it was so beautiful!

Views over Sendai

The views from the Sendai Castle area were so pretty, you could see Fall leaves for miles.

Zuihoden Mausoluem

Not only was the Sendai Mausoleum incredible, the grounds had the most beautiful trees and bushes.

Akiu waterfall

Akiu, Japan in the Fall

The view from my hotel room in Akiu!

Japan park

More leaves from a park in Sendai, Japan

Nezu Gardens in the fall

More from the gardens at Nezu, Museum in Tokyo.

Nezu Gardens in the fall2

Nezu Museum in Tokyo.

Sendai castle in fall

Fall leaves at the park near the Sendai Castle grounds.

Arashiyama river

This was from my trip in 2016 visiting Arashiyama, Japan near Kyoto and the famous bamboo forest.

Arashiyama, Japan

Arashiyama is a gorgeous city to visit in the Fall!

Arashiyama, Japan2

Temple grounds in Arashiyama, Japan.

Make sure to check this Japan Fall Forecast because the leaves start to change at different times all through out Japan! Check it out here!

Have you been to Japan in the Fall? What did you think? Where are some of your favorite places to visit in the Fall?

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